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Mondrian in Amersfoort


In 2017, we celebrate the centennial of the founding of the art movement De Stijl in a Nationwide programme called 'Mondriaan to Dutch Design'.

The members of De Stijl saw how technology, science and society had fundamentally changed the world, and decided that art also needed to undergo a radical transformation in order to speak the language of this new era.

Piet Mondrian was one of the beacons of the movement, and as he was born in Amersfoort in 1872 our proudly participates in this festive year.


Amersfoort through Mondrian's eyes

Mondrian spent his first 8 years in Amersfoort. But life in the city in those days was a lot different from our time. Amersfoort was a poor town, on the edge between modern progress and industrialisation and it's medieval past. During a special themed guided walkingtour we show visitors what the city looked like in Mondrian's youth using old photographs, focus on the conflict between the old and the new in our city at the end of the 19th century, and connect this to the ideas of De Stijl.


Of course, this is combined with a visit to his family home, which now houses the museum Mondriaanhuis dedicated to his legacy.


* Tip: Enjoy the medieval town from the water and include a 45 minute boattour in your visit for only € 6 extra per person (including seat reservation).

Guided tour: Youth of Mondrian

Small groups (max 8 people)

• Duration: 1 hour

• Price: € 70

Tourgroups (9 - 25 people)

• Duration: 1,5 hours

• Price: € 100 per guide


Package 1: Mondrian & Museum

• Guided tour plus Museum visit

• Duration: about 2 - 2,5 hour

• Price: € 18,50 per person

• Minimum 10 people


Package 2: Mondrian & Coffee

• Guided tour plus Museum visit

• Coffee/tea and Dutch applepie

• Duration: about 3 hour

• Price: € 23,50 per person

• Minimum 10 people


Package 3: Mondrian & Lunch

• Guided tour plus Museum visit

• Two course lunch

• Duration: about 3,5 - 4 hours

• Price: € 34,50 per person

• Minimum 10 people

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